About Us

Hard at Work

Artistic Tube Photo by Pete Perry

My name is Darrell Adams, the owner of Onyx Amplification, LLC. I specialize in the servicing of vacuum tube amplifiers here in Portland, OR.

I have an electrical engineering background (Electronics Engineering degree from OSU), and am also a guitar player and thus consider myself uniquely qualified to offer my services to other musicians. Musicians tend to have a special language to describe the sounds and tones that they desire from their equipment. It can be a challenge to translate those ideas into working circuits and modifications, but I enjoy helping players find that special tone they seek. I established Onyx Amplification:

  1. to offer a service that helps musicians understand that not only does a guitar "make" his/her sound, but that the amplifier plays just as important a role.
  2. to provide electronic repair and customization options for local musicians
  3. to offer my own line of musical products, including guitar & bass amplifiers and pedals
  4. to provide continued service and support to owners of the Gerlitz Revelator amplifier

Whether you need your amplifier repaired, re-tubed or have ideas about getting that special custom tone, I look forward to helping you.

Upper Left - wonderful photo by local photographer Pete Perry (see "links" for more info).
Upper Right - you can see me repairing a Vibro-King amplifier brought in by a local musician.