Gerlitz Revelator Servicing & Mods

Revelator Head on 1x12 Cabinet

The Gerlitz Revelator is a guitar amplifier conceived by Harvey Gerlitz and Erick Cook. It combines two complete tube amps, one based on a Fender Blackface tonality and the other on a Marshall Plexi. Both amps have independent reverbs and scaled output sections. Switching or blending of each amp is possible when accompanied with the Gerlitz blend pedal. The selected or blended signal then goes through a stereo FX loop. Finally, an integrated stereo power amp drives the speaker(s).

While Gerlitz Amplification was active, Darrell Adams assembled, tested, and modified the electronics for most of the amps produced. He is the authorized technician who can repair, service, and modify the Revelator.

Note: The Revelator may not function properly with certain types of 12AX7 and 12AU7 tubes. This condition is related to the amp's unusual filament supply circuitry. An upgrade, currently being tested, has been developed that will allow the amp to function properly with most tubes. If you choose not to get the modification, the Sovtek variety of tubes has been shown to give consistently good results and has performed well with the stock circuitry.